I do all kinds of ghostwriting. My specialty is writing op-ed columns, which I have done for almost 30 years, first for the Chicago Sun-Times, then with the Chicago Tribune. That’s thousands of columns on politics and public policy, appearing as often as four times a week.

As a freelance writer, I can give you compelling, persuasive, accurate and skillfully crafted columns and essays. Under your byline, in your voice and tone, saying precisely what want you want to say and how you want to say it.

As an experienced columnist, I know first-hand what editorial page, op-ed and other editors are looking for. And what mistakes will get your op-ed ignored or spiked at first glance.

I don’t work for one of those freelance/ghostwriter web sites that contract out your project to someone you don’t know. You will deal with me directly, from start to finish.

I have dealt with a wide variety of issues, so I’ll get to your project faster and complete it quicker.

See, short and sweet. Just like my writing. Let’s get started right now. Call or email me now.