As a freelance writer, consultant and public relations executive, I provide a range of editorial services for corporate, government and civic clients. They include:

    • Commentary, opinion pieces, letters-to-the-editor and any kind of persuasive material meant for public consumption.
    • Standard freelance products such as brochures, marketing materials, web content and much more.
    • Analysis and presentation of complex issues in readable summaries for press briefings and press releases.
    • Executive communications of all types, including articles for in-house publications and press conference talking points.
    • Design of communications strategy, for sensitive public issues, crisis communications and rollout.
    • Advice on dealing with the media.
    • Book reviews.
    • Book writing or editing. My own or yours.

I’m the go-to writer/editor/consultant who hits the ground running. No extended break-in period. If you’ve got a project in mind, I possibly already have done something like it.