Writing does not exist in a vacuum. It’s always about something, which requires highly developed analytical and interpretive skills, as well as a lifetime of practical private and public sector experience. I have

  • Worked both “outside” as a journalist and “inside” as a business executive and consultant. I have seen and understand communications from both “sides”—a rare and useful quality.
  • Interviewed and participated in meetings with top business executives and labor leaders; governors, senators, candidates for president and other political office holders; heads of state, ambassadors, and other top leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
  • Set editorial policy, as a 15-year member of a major daily newspaper’s editorial board.
  • Coordinated and implemented high-level policy as a public relations executive reporting directly to the president of a $1-billion operating headquarters for a Fortune 50 company. Also served as public relations director for the company’s central research and development center.
  • Become familiar with many kinds of business. They run from high tech enterprises such as petroleum processing and information technology, to basic, low-tech industries such as printing ink production. Other clients have included lawyers, financial advisors and marketing firms.
  • Covered politics and public policy in Chicago and Illinois, providing an enriching and behind-the-scenes understanding of public affairs. As a reporter and columnist, my beats have included business and finance, urban affairs, transportation, science and technology.

This exceptional background would rank me at the senior vice president or higher level in a public relations firm, as the vice president of communications and public relations in the corporate world, or as press secretary/counselor for major public office holders, such as governors.

This experience is available to you at reasonable cost, without paying for the services of a top executive and his team from a consultancy or public relations firm. I believe my most valuable asset for you is my experience and my name. Consequently, all of my products and services are hands-on; nothing is farmed out to underlings, apprentices or interns.